Workplace mindfulness

Mindfulness and mental health training for workplaces, teams and leaders.

Mindfulness for athletes

Mindfulness for focus, team cooperation and performance.

About CAMA Mind

Camilla Marcinkowski offers training and consultancy in mindfulness and mental training.


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Workplace mindfulness

CAMA Mind offers mindfulness and mental health training for workplaces, teams and leaders in Danish and English.

Teams and workplace settings

Mindfulness in workplace settings can be shorter or longer programmes taught in smaller or larger groups of employees or leaders. Here, you get concrete tools to manage pressure, change and cooperation – creating sustainable working lives where you thrive and perform at your best.

Training programmes typically last for 8-10 weeks, where participants work on their concentration, presence, movement, dealing with change, and the possibility of cultivating more energy and joy in everyday life.

Hands-on and experience-based

Mindfulness training builds on solid research and experience from Danish and international universities and companies. The training is hands-on and experience-based, making sure participants actually train their minds to cultivate greater presence, calm, concentration and connection, rather than learning about how mindfulness works.

CAMA Mind is a member of and follows the ethical guidelines of the Mindfulness Association, Denmark, as well as the best practices from Oxford Mindfulness Foundation.

Specialist in workplace mindfulness

Camilla Marcinkowski has specialist training from Oxford University in delivering mindfulness interventions in organisations. She teaches in English as well as Danish, as many of her clients have international employees and/or offices internationally.

CAMA Mind also offers online training to accommodate companies with international locations.



  • How can I, as a leader, create better conditions for cooperation, performance and wellbeing as well as prevent stress and burnout among my colleagues, team members and myself?
  • What challenges me and my awareness?
  • How can we benefit from awareness training as a team?
  • How can we strengthen the brain to cultivate wellbeing in the long run, amongst colleagues, clients, family and friends?
  • To strengthen our presence, calm, mental sharpness, to perform better and cultivate more satisfaction, connection and joy at work!


We offer workshops, either as introductions to training programmes or single events. Workshops take place either at the company or externally as part of seminars or conferences.