Workplace mindfulness

Mindfulness and mental health training for workplaces, teams and leaders.

Mindfulness for athletes

Mindfulness for focus, team cooperation and performance.

About CAMA Mind

Camilla Marcinkowski offers training and consultancy in mindfulness and mental training.


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Mindfulness for athletes

Mindfulness for focus, team cooperation and performance

From Michael Jordan and the NBA, to premiere league teams and Danish Olympic athletes, mindfulness training has become more and more popular as a way for teams to strengthen performance and team cooperation as well as speed up restitution and skills for releasing unhelpful mental states.

CAMA Mind teaches mindfulness to professional sports teams and individual athletes. For athletes, there is a lot at stake when it comes to attention and awareness in competitions as well as training situations and everyday life.

Mindfulness and mental training is about strengthening the ability to stay focused and make good decisions in the moment, as well as to dampen negative, ruminative thinking that hampers performance and team cohesion. Also, it is about developing tools for restitution of the mind in between training passes and competitions.

A good read about the value of mindfulness for athletes can be found here, written by sports psychologist, PhD, Kristoffer Henriksen:

Camilla Marcinkowski is a former dancer and has taught mindfulness to professional athletes in Danish and English.

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1:1 mindfulness


I offer 1:1 training in mindfulness and have experience from working with professional athletes and managers.

The 1:1 sessions can be used either alone or in combination with participation in a team. In my sessions, the body is always part of the training, e.g. yoga and body scan, because the body is the first foundation for mindfulness and “you can’t leave home without it.”

I am a member of the Mindfulness Association, which only accepts teachers with a thorough education from the university and who comply with a number of ethical and educational requirements.

The sessions last 30 or 60 minutes at a time.

“Even the best athletes experience doubt and worry. Luckily, they can learn to refocus on the task at hand. This ability to take charge of their attention in crucial moments of a performance is the most important psychological skill for athletes.”

– Kristoffer Henriksen, sports psychologist, PhD