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Mindfulness and mental health training for workplaces, teams and leaders.

Mindfulness for athletes

Mindfulness for focus, team cooperation and performance.

About CAMA Mind

Camilla Marcinkowski offers training and consultancy in mindfulness and mental training.


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About CAMA Mind

Camilla Marcinkowski

CAMA Mind is run by Camilla Marcinkowski and offers training and consultancy in mindfulness and mental training. I offer short and long term programmes in Danish and English for leaders, teams, workplaces and athletes.

I am a teacher of MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) from Aarhus University/Brown University, a yoga teacher from New York, and have specialized in delivering mindfulness in workplaces from Oxford University.

I used to work as a journalist in Denmark and the US, but have moved from New York City to my home town of Aarhus, Denmark, where I teach in Danish and English.

I care about scientific documentation for what I do, and place a high degree of professionalism in my training and education. All of which I have pursued at university level in the most evidence-based programmes, such as MBSR and MBCT-L (mindfulness for life).

As a journalist, I spent my time communicating about science, and I find it trustworthy to offer programmes that over years have shown effects in preventing and treating stress-related disease as well as strengthening mental health in a variety of ways.

I am an external teacher at the Danish Center for Mindfulness, Aarhus University, where I teach programmes and participate in research projects.

You are always welcome to contact me to hear more.

August 2019 - nu

Selvstændig i CAMA MIND – Camilla Marcinkowski, Mindfulness træning

Underviser på Dansk Center for Mindfulness

Specialist i mindfulness på arbejdspladser ved Oxford University

Februar 2018 - april 2019

Uddannelse til MBSR-lærer ved Dansk Center for Mindfulness, Aarhus Universitet, og Brown University, USA.

August 2013 - juni 2019

Kommunikationsrådgiver, VIA University College


Master i sundhedsantropologi, Aarhus Universitet

MARTS 2003 – AUGUST 2013



Yogalærer (200 HR) fra ISHTA YOGA, New York


Journalist på Dow Jones Newswires, New York


Master i journalistik fra Columbia University, New York


Journalist fra Danmarks Journalisthøjskole (i dag DMJX)