Workplace mindfulness

Mindfulness and mental health training for workplaces, teams and leaders.

Mindfulness for athletes

Mindfulness for focus, team cooperation and performance.

About CAMA Mind

Camilla Marcinkowski offers training and consultancy in mindfulness and mental training.


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Camilla Marcinkowski


You, your colleagues, and employees can train the mind and awareness in the same way you would the body. For a healthier, stronger, more satisfying life. Where the body and the mind can handle and thrive amidst challenges – and make good decisions as a result.

CAMA Mind delivers mindfulness training through evidence-based programmes for leaders and employees, teams and athletes in Danish and English. We tailor training to your organization, so it best supports mental health and wellbeing as well as cooperation and performance – creating sustainable (working) lives.

Be it workshops, longer programmes at your company or for a specific team, 1:1 or consultancy service, you can learn more about CAMA Mind’s work on these pages. Also, feel free to reach out for more information.

“Mindfulness isn’t just about feeling better. It has the potential to transform leadership styles, teams and organisational culture. Mindfulness is a ‘foundational capacity’, because it changes the way we interact with the world. It affects what we pay attention to in our lives, the quality of that attention, and the decisions we make as a result.”

– The Mindfulness Initiative UK, 2023